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RLE variations

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Subject:RLE variations
Summary:What it this algorithm compatible with?
Date:2015-01-02 11:38:00


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Picture of Zylla Zylla - 2015-01-02 11:38:00

there are several file formats for compresion under common name of RLE compression.

One is used in Windows for bitmaps compression. It is defined for 2, 16 and 256 color palettes bitmap images.

Is your package suitable for bitmap rle compression and decompresion?
After browsing package contents it seems that it is targeted for text file compression.

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Picture of Chi Hoang Chi Hoang - 2015-01-02 12:57:26 - In reply to message 1 from Zylla
this one was a test from an interview. It was for text compression. So, no bitmap compression. But you might interested in the algorithm it uses an optimize rle and such it needs a special character to mark compressed sequence. For example aabb is compressed to aabb and NOT to a2b2 because its not smaller. The same is true for single character aaabbc is compressed to a3b2c and NOT a3b2c1. My algorithm can compress text and numbers. A special character from the code is used to mark other special characters in the compressed code. In the code you can choose any character you want. I hope it helps!
Best regards,