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Undefined variable

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Subject:Undefined variable
Summary:Undefined variable
Date:2008-11-24 20:33:55
Update:2009-01-08 10:29:38

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Picture of Colin Colin - 2008-11-24 20:33:56

Looks like a realy interesting code and almost have the demo working.
Fixed a few minor typos but now getting this in all example scripts, can't seem to figure it out. PHP5

Notice: Undefined variable: next in G:\xampp\htdocs\Test\spiderengine-2007-12-08\spiderengine.class.php on line 342

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Picture of Designexpress Designexpress - 2009-01-08 10:29:39 - In reply to message 1 from Colin
I have the same error.
I take it, that if the 'if statement' before 342 fails, php wont know about $next.