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Custom PHP URL Shortener using PDO
URL shorteners are helpful to allow the users to create shorter versions of a given URL that are easier to type.

Usually, URL shorter components use a database to store the long and faster versions of a URL.

This class uses the PHP PDO extension to access a database that stores the short URL information. This possibility allows developers to use many types of SQL-based databases to benefit from this component.
SVG is a standard format for files that store information about a drawing using vectorial coordinates.

This characteristic allows rendering the same drawing in many different sizes without losing the quality of the image of the picture when it is displayed.

This package can generate a drawing file in SVG format for a character composed of head, body, and legs.

This package can be helpful to generate artistic drawings of characters that you can display with excellent image quality.
PHP Sentence Tokenizer
Natural language processing is helpful to interpret phrases of users that wish to express their will using written or spoken language.

It is necessary to process a phrase to interpret its meaning. The interpretation of the phrase can start by breaking it into several parts that make it easier to interpret the meaning of each part of the phrase.

This package can parse phrases to make it easier to process them and interpret the meaning of the phrase as a whole.
PHP URL Shortener API
Short URLs are helpful to allow users that want to share URLs that are simpler to type than the original URLs.

This package provides a URL shortening and expanding service that is made available as an API.

This way, any developer can use the URL shortener services without managing the service that implements the actions that the service provides.
PHP Cron Job Lock
Cron a is a popular program that is available in UNIX-based operating systems like Linux. It is capable of running other programs at specific schedules.

This capability of the cron program is helpful to execute tasks that need to be done regularly, like, for instance, creating a backup copy of a database.

Some tasks cannot be executed more than once at the same time. One way to assure that a job runs only once at a time is to use file locks.

This package uses file locks to prevent that the same task executes more than once.
PPDB Prediksi
PHP is used to implement many types of complex applications, like instance, school systems.

This package implements a complete school system that can perform many practical actions, including managing students, teachers, and schedules.
PHP GeoLocation Country
There is a particular type of application that needs to use the location of the capital city of each country.

This package can provide information about the capital cities of all countries of the world.

That information comes from a data file provided by this package, so it does not require an external Web service to provide that information.
PHP Htaccess File Configuration
htaccess files are used with the Apache configuration to set up specific parameters that define how to Web pages to the user browsers.

Many PHP applications developers need to configure the .htaccess file to handle requests to access many types of pages using a single PHP script.

This package can generate a .htaccess file to set up that Apache Web server configuration and redirect requests to the Web server using HTTP to use HTTPS.
Custom PHP CMS
Content management systems are a prevalent type of application implemented in PHP.

Simple content management systems allow editing and publish the content of pages or blog articles.

This package implements a content management system with a built-in function that uses ElasticSearch to index and search published content.
Zest PHP Framework Component Installer
Many framework packages are extensible using additional component packages that make those frameworks more useful.

Often component packages need to be installed to be used in applications that use those frameworks.

This package can take care of installed components to use with the applications based on the Zest framework. It provides a Web-based user interface to install those packages.

This Web interface is accessible to specific users that need to have an account. These features make the installation process more secure because it restricts access to the process only to authorized users.
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