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5D PHP (Inactive)
Location: Baoshan, Shanghai
Responsible: samsun xu <email contact>
ArthurXF (Inactive)
Location: Shanghai
Responsible: xiao fei <email contact>
Beijing PHP lover (Inactive)
Location: Beijing
Responsible: kever chang <email contact>
China PHP Lover (Inactive)
Location: Beijing
Responsible: Guo Xiaodong <email contact>
cnphp (Inactive)
Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu
Responsible: ThinkAgain <email contact>
codedesign (Inactive)
Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Responsible: ymaozi <email contact>
CodeIgniter Chinese (Inactive)
Location: Beijing
Responsible: Chang Zhao <email contact>
Hangzhou PHP Group (Inactive)
Location: Hangzhou
Responsible: Jason Yu <email contact>
MonolithCMS (Inactive)
Location: Nanchang
Responsible: Zerolone <email contact>
PHP in China,let's open it (Inactive)
Location: Fuzhou
Responsible: Jon Huang <email contact>
PHP Leader (Inactive)
Location: Beijing
Responsible: alee <email contact>
php.shagoo.china (Inactive)
Location: Xinzhuang, Shanghai
Responsible: huangjs <email contact>
PHPforce (Inactive)
Location: Pingliang Shi, Gansu
Responsible: joey <email contact>
Rocket Internet PHPer (Inactive)
Location: qingdao
Responsible: fushanlang <email contact>
SOHU 17173 (Inactive)
Location: Fuzhou
Responsible: seateng <email contact> (Inactive)
Location: Beijing
Responsible: Tymos <email contact>
Vary Program Design (Inactive)
Location: Chengdu
Responsible: vary <email contact> (Inactive)
Location: Shanghai
Responsible: raymondwang <email contact>