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File: etc/MarketPlace/melis-cms.xml
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Melis CMS
Content management system that provides its tools
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<melis-cms> <package_info> <mp_title>Melis Cms</mp_title> <mp_subtitle>The module that brings you page's edition and plugins to create and administrate your website.</mp_subtitle> <mp_description> MelisCms is the website manager of Melis Platform.<br /> It will bring everything needed to create and manage a website:<br /> - a treeview of pages to have a easy view on all pages, combined with a quick page search tool<br /> - a fully wysiwyg templating system, where the page is displayed just as what people see online<br /> - a plugin system to create pages from scratch and make it available to non technical persons<br /> - a SEO management system to deal with URLs<br /> - a language tool to associate same pages in different languages versions<br /> - a tool to declare a website, its domain, its homepage, its 404<br /> - a tool to deal with 301 links and any redirection, ideal when migrating a website<br /> - a tool to declare templates and stylesheets<br /> - a tool to create new languages for the front-office<br /> - a tool that enable page Ids management per platform, so that Ids are different from one environment to another and production deployment easier </mp_description> <mp_maintainers>melisplatform</mp_maintainers> <mp_group>Melis Cms</mp_group> </package_info> <package_images> <img_1> <mpi_image_title>MelisCms's page edition </mpi_image_title> <mpi_image_file>melis-cms_1.JPG</mpi_image_file> <mpi_image_main>1</mpi_image_main> </img_1> <img_2> <mpi_image_title>MelisCms's page properties</mpi_image_title> <mpi_image_file>melis-cms_2.JPG</mpi_image_file> <mpi_image_main>0</mpi_image_main> </img_2> <img_3> <mpi_image_title>MelisCms's page SEO</mpi_image_title> <mpi_image_file>melis-cms_3.JPG</mpi_image_file> <mpi_image_main>0</mpi_image_main> </img_3> <img_4> <mpi_image_title>MelisCms's page language association</mpi_image_title> <mpi_image_file>melis-cms_4.JPG</mpi_image_file> <mpi_image_main>0</mpi_image_main> </img_4> <img_5> <mpi_image_title>MelisCms's plugin toolbar</mpi_image_title> <mpi_image_file>melis-cms_5.JPG</mpi_image_file> <mpi_image_main>0</mpi_image_main> </img_5> <img_6> <mpi_image_title>MelisCms's plugin drag'n'drop</mpi_image_title> <mpi_image_file>melis-cms_6.JPG</mpi_image_file> <mpi_image_main>0</mpi_image_main> </img_6> <img_7> <mpi_image_title>MelisCms's wysiwyg edition</mpi_image_title> <mpi_image_file>melis-cms_7.JPG</mpi_image_file> <mpi_image_main>0</mpi_image_main> </img_7> <img_8> <mpi_image_title>MelisCms's mobile edition and visualization</mpi_image_title> <mpi_image_file>melis-cms_8.JPG</mpi_image_file> <mpi_image_main>0</mpi_image_main> </img_8> <img_9> <mpi_image_title>MelisCms's media library</mpi_image_title> <mpi_image_file>melis-cms_8.JPG</mpi_image_file> <mpi_image_main>0</mpi_image_main> </img_9> <img_10> <mpi_image_title>MelisCms's template manager tool</mpi_image_title> <mpi_image_file>melis-cms_10.JPG</mpi_image_file> <mpi_image_main>0</mpi_image_main> </img_10> <img_11> <mpi_image_title>MelisCms's site tool edition</mpi_image_title> <mpi_image_file>melis-cms_11.JPG</mpi_image_file> <mpi_image_main>0</mpi_image_main> </img_11> </package_images> </melis-cms>