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File: language/en_EN.interface.php
Role: Auxiliary script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary script
Class: Melis PHP CMS Analytics by Page
Melis CMS module to provide page access statistics
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Date: 1 year ago
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return [

     * MelisCms Page Analytics
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_title' => 'Site Analytics',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_tool_display_title' => 'Site Analytics',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_header' => 'Header',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_content' => 'Content',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_tab' => 'Site analytics tab',
'tr_melis_cms_page_analytics_page_table' => 'Site analytics table',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_tab_content' => 'Analytics',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_settings_tab' => 'Settings tab',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_settings_tab_content' => 'Settings',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_select_site' => 'Select a Site',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_inactive_module' => 'The analytics module for this site is deactivated.',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_no_module_set' => 'To display the site data, please select an analytics module for this site in Settings.',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_page_no_module_set' => 'To display the page\'s data, please select an analytics module from the Site Analytics module.',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_folder_message' => 'This is a folder. There is no analytics data for folders.',

// Table and Forms
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_column_id' => 'ID',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_column_page_id' => 'Page ID',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_column_page_name' => 'Page Name',
'tr_visotrs_count' => 'Visitors Count',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_column_date_visit' => 'Last Date Visited',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_column_action_view' => 'View',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_column_action' => 'Action',

     * MelisCms Page Analytics Page Details
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_page_detail_title' => 'Page Analytics Page Details',
'tr_page_details_header' => 'Page Analytics Page Details Header',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_page_details_user_ip' => 'User Ip address',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_page_details_date_visit' => 'Date Visit',

     * MelisCms Tab Page Analytics
'tr_melis_cms_page_analytics' => 'Melis CMS analytics',
'tr_melis_cms_page_analytics_title' => 'Page Analytics',
'tr_melis_cms_page_select' => 'Page analytics module',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_settings' => 'Settings',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_settings_select' => 'Select page analytics tool',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_settings_select_tooltip' => 'Select the analytics module you wish to use',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_settings_select_tooltip_ko' => 'Please select the analytics module to use',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_settings_select_blank' => 'Select an analytics module',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_settings_no_analytics' => 'No analytics module',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_settings_select_save_ok' => 'The settings have been saved successfully.',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_settings_select_save_ko' => 'Unable to change analytics module',

// Interface
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_tab_display' => 'Cms page analytics',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_tab_header' => 'Cms page analytics header',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_tool_config' => 'Page analytics',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_page_details_title' => 'Page analytics details title',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_page_details_content_title' => 'Page analytics content details title',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_site_id_ko' => 'Invalid site ID, it should only be numeric',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_site_id_empty' => 'Please select a site',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_settings_site_select_tooltip' => 'Select the site you wish to set the analytics settings from',

     * Google Analytics Settings Configuration
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_site_analytics_script' => 'Analytics script',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_site_analytics_script_tooltip' => 'Code obtained from Google Analytics (see documentation below for more information)',
'tr_meliscms_page_analytics_site_analytics_deleted_marker' => 'Page deleted',