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File: src/voku/helper/data/xca.php

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  Classes of Lars Moelleken   portable ascii   src/voku/helper/data/xca.php   Download  
File: src/voku/helper/data/xca.php
Role: Auxiliary script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary script
Class: portable ascii
Manipulate text strings without special extensions
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Last change:
Date: 4 years ago
Size: 2,519 bytes


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return [
'jjael', 'jjaelg', 'jjaelm', 'jjaelb', 'jjaels', 'jjaelt', 'jjaelp', 'jjaelh', 'jjaem', 'jjaeb', 'jjaebs', 'jjaes', 'jjaess', 'jjaeng', 'jjaej', 'jjaec',
'jjaek', 'jjaet', 'jjaep', 'jjaeh', 'jjya', 'jjyag', 'jjyagg', 'jjyags', 'jjyan', 'jjyanj', 'jjyanh', 'jjyad', 'jjyal', 'jjyalg', 'jjyalm', 'jjyalb',
'jjyals', 'jjyalt', 'jjyalp', 'jjyalh', 'jjyam', 'jjyab', 'jjyabs', 'jjyas', 'jjyass', 'jjyang', 'jjyaj', 'jjyac', 'jjyak', 'jjyat', 'jjyap', 'jjyah',
'jjyae', 'jjyaeg', 'jjyaegg', 'jjyaegs', 'jjyaen', 'jjyaenj', 'jjyaenh', 'jjyaed', 'jjyael', 'jjyaelg', 'jjyaelm', 'jjyaelb', 'jjyaels', 'jjyaelt', 'jjyaelp', 'jjyaelh',
'jjyaem', 'jjyaeb', 'jjyaebs', 'jjyaes', 'jjyaess', 'jjyaeng', 'jjyaej', 'jjyaec', 'jjyaek', 'jjyaet', 'jjyaep', 'jjyaeh', 'jjeo', 'jjeog', 'jjeogg', 'jjeogs',
'jjeon', 'jjeonj', 'jjeonh', 'jjeod', 'jjeol', 'jjeolg', 'jjeolm', 'jjeolb', 'jjeols', 'jjeolt', 'jjeolp', 'jjeolh', 'jjeom', 'jjeob', 'jjeobs', 'jjeos',
'jjeoss', 'jjeong', 'jjeoj', 'jjeoc', 'jjeok', 'jjeot', 'jjeop', 'jjeoh', 'jje', 'jjeg', 'jjegg', 'jjegs', 'jjen', 'jjenj', 'jjenh', 'jjed',
'jjel', 'jjelg', 'jjelm', 'jjelb', 'jjels', 'jjelt', 'jjelp', 'jjelh', 'jjem', 'jjeb', 'jjebs', 'jjes', 'jjess', 'jjeng', 'jjej', 'jjec',
'jjek', 'jjet', 'jjep', 'jjeh', 'jjyeo', 'jjyeog', 'jjyeogg', 'jjyeogs', 'jjyeon', 'jjyeonj', 'jjyeonh', 'jjyeod', 'jjyeol', 'jjyeolg', 'jjyeolm', 'jjyeolb',
'jjyeols', 'jjyeolt', 'jjyeolp', 'jjyeolh', 'jjyeom', 'jjyeob', 'jjyeobs', 'jjyeos', 'jjyeoss', 'jjyeong', 'jjyeoj', 'jjyeoc', 'jjyeok', 'jjyeot', 'jjyeop', 'jjyeoh',
'jjye', 'jjyeg', 'jjyegg', 'jjyegs', 'jjyen', 'jjyenj', 'jjyenh', 'jjyed', 'jjyel', 'jjyelg', 'jjyelm', 'jjyelb', 'jjyels', 'jjyelt', 'jjyelp', 'jjyelh',
'jjyem', 'jjyeb', 'jjyebs', 'jjyes', 'jjyess', 'jjyeng', 'jjyej', 'jjyec', 'jjyek', 'jjyet', 'jjyep', 'jjyeh', 'jjo', 'jjog', 'jjogg', 'jjogs',
'jjon', 'jjonj', 'jjonh', 'jjod', 'jjol', 'jjolg', 'jjolm', 'jjolb', 'jjols', 'jjolt', 'jjolp', 'jjolh', 'jjom', 'jjob', 'jjobs', 'jjos',
'jjoss', 'jjong', 'jjoj', 'jjoc', 'jjok', 'jjot', 'jjop', 'jjoh', 'jjwa', 'jjwag', 'jjwagg', 'jjwags', 'jjwan', 'jjwanj', 'jjwanh', 'jjwad',
'jjwal', 'jjwalg', 'jjwalm', 'jjwalb', 'jjwals', 'jjwalt', 'jjwalp', 'jjwalh', 'jjwam', 'jjwab', 'jjwabs', 'jjwas', 'jjwass', 'jjwang', 'jjwaj', 'jjwac',
'jjwak', 'jjwat', 'jjwap', 'jjwah', 'jjwae', 'jjwaeg', 'jjwaegg', 'jjwaegs', 'jjwaen', 'jjwaenj', 'jjwaenh', 'jjwaed', 'jjwael', 'jjwaelg', 'jjwaelm', 'jjwaelb',