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File: src/voku/helper/data/xc4.php

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File: src/voku/helper/data/xc4.php
Role: Auxiliary script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary script
Class: portable ascii
Manipulate text strings without special extensions
Author: By
Last change:
Date: 4 years ago
Size: 2,536 bytes


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return [
'sswals', 'sswalt', 'sswalp', 'sswalh', 'sswam', 'sswab', 'sswabs', 'sswas', 'sswass', 'sswang', 'sswaj', 'sswac', 'sswak', 'sswat', 'sswap', 'sswah',
'sswae', 'sswaeg', 'sswaegg', 'sswaegs', 'sswaen', 'sswaenj', 'sswaenh', 'sswaed', 'sswael', 'sswaelg', 'sswaelm', 'sswaelb', 'sswaels', 'sswaelt', 'sswaelp', 'sswaelh',
'sswaem', 'sswaeb', 'sswaebs', 'sswaes', 'sswaess', 'sswaeng', 'sswaej', 'sswaec', 'sswaek', 'sswaet', 'sswaep', 'sswaeh', 'ssoe', 'ssoeg', 'ssoegg', 'ssoegs',
'ssoen', 'ssoenj', 'ssoenh', 'ssoed', 'ssoel', 'ssoelg', 'ssoelm', 'ssoelb', 'ssoels', 'ssoelt', 'ssoelp', 'ssoelh', 'ssoem', 'ssoeb', 'ssoebs', 'ssoes',
'ssoess', 'ssoeng', 'ssoej', 'ssoec', 'ssoek', 'ssoet', 'ssoep', 'ssoeh', 'ssyo', 'ssyog', 'ssyogg', 'ssyogs', 'ssyon', 'ssyonj', 'ssyonh', 'ssyod',
'ssyol', 'ssyolg', 'ssyolm', 'ssyolb', 'ssyols', 'ssyolt', 'ssyolp', 'ssyolh', 'ssyom', 'ssyob', 'ssyobs', 'ssyos', 'ssyoss', 'ssyong', 'ssyoj', 'ssyoc',
'ssyok', 'ssyot', 'ssyop', 'ssyoh', 'ssu', 'ssug', 'ssugg', 'ssugs', 'ssun', 'ssunj', 'ssunh', 'ssud', 'ssul', 'ssulg', 'ssulm', 'ssulb',
'ssuls', 'ssult', 'ssulp', 'ssulh', 'ssum', 'ssub', 'ssubs', 'ssus', 'ssuss', 'ssung', 'ssuj', 'ssuc', 'ssuk', 'ssut', 'ssup', 'ssuh',
'ssweo', 'ssweog', 'ssweogg', 'ssweogs', 'ssweon', 'ssweonj', 'ssweonh', 'ssweod', 'ssweol', 'ssweolg', 'ssweolm', 'ssweolb', 'ssweols', 'ssweolt', 'ssweolp', 'ssweolh',
'ssweom', 'ssweob', 'ssweobs', 'ssweos', 'ssweoss', 'ssweong', 'ssweoj', 'ssweoc', 'ssweok', 'ssweot', 'ssweop', 'ssweoh', 'sswe', 'ssweg', 'sswegg', 'sswegs',
'sswen', 'sswenj', 'sswenh', 'sswed', 'sswel', 'sswelg', 'sswelm', 'sswelb', 'sswels', 'sswelt', 'sswelp', 'sswelh', 'sswem', 'ssweb', 'sswebs', 'sswes',
'sswess', 'ssweng', 'sswej', 'sswec', 'sswek', 'sswet', 'sswep', 'ssweh', 'sswi', 'sswig', 'sswigg', 'sswigs', 'sswin', 'sswinj', 'sswinh', 'sswid',
'sswil', 'sswilg', 'sswilm', 'sswilb', 'sswils', 'sswilt', 'sswilp', 'sswilh', 'sswim', 'sswib', 'sswibs', 'sswis', 'sswiss', 'sswing', 'sswij', 'sswic',
'sswik', 'sswit', 'sswip', 'sswih', 'ssyu', 'ssyug', 'ssyugg', 'ssyugs', 'ssyun', 'ssyunj', 'ssyunh', 'ssyud', 'ssyul', 'ssyulg', 'ssyulm', 'ssyulb',
'ssyuls', 'ssyult', 'ssyulp', 'ssyulh', 'ssyum', 'ssyub', 'ssyubs', 'ssyus', 'ssyuss', 'ssyung', 'ssyuj', 'ssyuc', 'ssyuk', 'ssyut', 'ssyup', 'ssyuh',
'sseu', 'sseug', 'sseugg', 'sseugs', 'sseun', 'sseunj', 'sseunh', 'sseud', 'sseul', 'sseulg', 'sseulm', 'sseulb', 'sseuls', 'sseult', 'sseulp', 'sseulh',