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File: src/voku/helper/data/xba.php

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File: src/voku/helper/data/xba.php
Role: Auxiliary script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary script
Class: portable ascii
Manipulate text strings without special extensions
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Date: 4 years ago
Size: 2,277 bytes


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return [
'mya', 'myag', 'myagg', 'myags', 'myan', 'myanj', 'myanh', 'myad', 'myal', 'myalg', 'myalm', 'myalb', 'myals', 'myalt', 'myalp', 'myalh',
'myam', 'myab', 'myabs', 'myas', 'myass', 'myang', 'myaj', 'myac', 'myak', 'myat', 'myap', 'myah', 'myae', 'myaeg', 'myaegg', 'myaegs',
'myaen', 'myaenj', 'myaenh', 'myaed', 'myael', 'myaelg', 'myaelm', 'myaelb', 'myaels', 'myaelt', 'myaelp', 'myaelh', 'myaem', 'myaeb', 'myaebs', 'myaes',
'myaess', 'myaeng', 'myaej', 'myaec', 'myaek', 'myaet', 'myaep', 'myaeh', 'meo', 'meog', 'meogg', 'meogs', 'meon', 'meonj', 'meonh', 'meod',
'meol', 'meolg', 'meolm', 'meolb', 'meols', 'meolt', 'meolp', 'meolh', 'meom', 'meob', 'meobs', 'meos', 'meoss', 'meong', 'meoj', 'meoc',
'meok', 'meot', 'meop', 'meoh', 'me', 'meg', 'megg', 'megs', 'men', 'menj', 'menh', 'med', 'mel', 'melg', 'melm', 'melb',
'mels', 'melt', 'melp', 'melh', 'mem', 'meb', 'mebs', 'mes', 'mess', 'meng', 'mej', 'mec', 'mek', 'met', 'mep', 'meh',
'myeo', 'myeog', 'myeogg', 'myeogs', 'myeon', 'myeonj', 'myeonh', 'myeod', 'myeol', 'myeolg', 'myeolm', 'myeolb', 'myeols', 'myeolt', 'myeolp', 'myeolh',
'myeom', 'myeob', 'myeobs', 'myeos', 'myeoss', 'myeong', 'myeoj', 'myeoc', 'myeok', 'myeot', 'myeop', 'myeoh', 'mye', 'myeg', 'myegg', 'myegs',
'myen', 'myenj', 'myenh', 'myed', 'myel', 'myelg', 'myelm', 'myelb', 'myels', 'myelt', 'myelp', 'myelh', 'myem', 'myeb', 'myebs', 'myes',
'myess', 'myeng', 'myej', 'myec', 'myek', 'myet', 'myep', 'myeh', 'mo', 'mog', 'mogg', 'mogs', 'mon', 'monj', 'monh', 'mod',
'mol', 'molg', 'molm', 'molb', 'mols', 'molt', 'molp', 'molh', 'mom', 'mob', 'mobs', 'mos', 'moss', 'mong', 'moj', 'moc',
'mok', 'mot', 'mop', 'moh', 'mwa', 'mwag', 'mwagg', 'mwags', 'mwan', 'mwanj', 'mwanh', 'mwad', 'mwal', 'mwalg', 'mwalm', 'mwalb',
'mwals', 'mwalt', 'mwalp', 'mwalh', 'mwam', 'mwab', 'mwabs', 'mwas', 'mwass', 'mwang', 'mwaj', 'mwac', 'mwak', 'mwat', 'mwap', 'mwah',
'mwae', 'mwaeg', 'mwaegg', 'mwaegs', 'mwaen', 'mwaenj', 'mwaenh', 'mwaed', 'mwael', 'mwaelg', 'mwaelm', 'mwaelb', 'mwaels', 'mwaelt', 'mwaelp', 'mwaelh',
'mwaem', 'mwaeb', 'mwaebs', 'mwaes', 'mwaess', 'mwaeng', 'mwaej', 'mwaec', 'mwaek', 'mwaet', 'mwaep', 'mwaeh', 'moe', 'moeg', 'moegg', 'moegs',