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Latest classes

Class Days
Manipulate multibyte text strings as objects
PHP TheSportsDb
Get game information from the Sports DB site API
PHP Immutable State Status Tracker
Manage queue status using immutable structures
User Input Validator

Validate request values according to given rules
Calculate postal freight and Brazil CEP zip code
PHP PDO database connection Class

Compose and execute MySQL queries using PDO
Exception for data validation
Validate and throw exceptions for invalid values
PHP PDF to Text
Extract text contents from PDF files
PHP String Functions
Wrapper class to treat strings as object
GImage PHP Canvas to Image
Create and compose canvas images from other images

Featured Classes

1. PHP MD5 Decrypter
Decrypt MD5 password and hashes with MD5Decryter
2. PHP Report
Generate Excel, HTML, PDF reports from data arrays
3. Simple XLSX
Parse and retrieve data from Excel XLS files
4. PHP Report Generator
Generate HTML report from MySQL query result data
5. PHP date picker class
Generate form input to pick a calendar date
6. Quick CSV import
Import CSV data into a MySQL database table
7. PHP Detect Country and City
Get the current user location using
8. Basic Excel
Import and export Excel files to XLS, XLSX and CSV
9. HTML to PDF
Convert HTML to PDF using Web services
10. Simple chat
Simple Web and MySQL based chat system
11. PHP Pagination Using Bootstrap
Show pagination of MySQL results for Bootstrap
12. MySql To Excel
Export data from a MySQL database to Excel files
13. PHP Push Notification Android and iOS
Send push notifications to Android and iOS devices
14. Simple REST Server
Implement REST based Web services
15. Barcode Generator
Web interface to generate barcode images
16. English to Arabic Number
Convert numbers to Arabic representation
17. Export To Excel
Generate HTML tables from MySQL query results
18. phpOCR
Recognize text & objects in graphical images
19. PDF Text Extractor
Extract text from PDF files
20. PHP DOC DOCX PDF to Text
Convert DOCX, DOC, PDF to plain text
21. HTML to DOC
Convert HTML into Microsoft Word documents
22. QR code generator
Generate QR Code images using Google Chart API
23. Secure PHP Login System
Register and login users using a database via PDO
24. PHPMailer
Full featured email transfer class for PHP
25. PHP Video Toolkit
Manipulate and convert videos with ffmpeg program
26. Multi-threading in PHP
Run emulated parallel threads with HTTP requests
27. YouTube API
Get the video download URL using the YouTube API
28. Amazon API Access with PHP and XML
A PHP XML class to access Amazon API they released
29. Check Skype
Check the online status of Skype users
30. phpCode128
Generating Code 128 bar code images
31. IP Details
Get geographic location of a given IP address
32. Cripto PHP
Encrypt and decrypt PHP source code files
33. PDF to image converter using PHP
Convert PDF documents to images using Ghostscript
34. PHP Vulnerability Scanner
Scan script files for malicious code
35. Excel Writer
Generate spreadsheet files Excel .xls XML format
36. PHP Compare Images Similarity
Compare two images to find if they are similar
37. Mobile Verification
Generate a verification code for a mobile number
38. PHP Serial
Communicate with a serial port
39. PHP Text to Speech Class
Generate speech audio to say a given text
40. PHP GPS Locator
Retrieve data from GPS receivers using NMEA 0183
41. Google Weather API
Get a location weather forecast from Google
42. Simple PHP MySQLi
Access MySQL database wrapper using MySQLi
43. PHP OAuth API
Authorize and access APIs using OAuth
44. Check Mail
Check the existence of an email address via SMTP
45. SQL 2 PDF Report
Generate PDF documents from MySQL query results
46. PHP TreeView
Display a collapsible tree from a MySQL query
47. Mac Address
Retrieve the Mac address of a network card
48. Template based Email sending
Send HTML messages using templates
49. Ultimate MySQL
MySQL database access wrapper
Convert PDF to HTML using Poppler

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Recommended Classes

mlm dynamic binary tree code in PHP and MySQL
mlm dynamic binary tree
What is the best PHP user password manager class?
Let users set up user name, password and handle lost passwords
Assign and lookup sessions
Sessions class or equivalent
What is the best PHP online exam class?
Create online exam
What is the best PHP watermarking image class?
watermarking image
What is the best PHP image steganography class?
Hide user names and passwords inside images with steganography
What is the best PHP text to speech class?
Speak text on Web page
What is the best PHP text to speech class?
Convert text to spech
What is the best PHP pdf metadata class?
PDF metadata
What is the best PHP html report generator class?
Print tabular reports from my CodeIgniter application
Create MS .doc files
Use PHP to create files in MS .doc format
Identity validation
Validate social security number
What is the best PHP multilanguage without database class?
Multilanguage script without database
Edit tables in .doc file
Tables in doc must have auto-resize and justify text
What is the best PHP display and edit mysql table class?
Display and edit MySQL data
What is the best PHP AJAX file upload class?
I want to upload files using AJAX
HTML forms from XML document with PHP
I need to parse XML document using PHP parse functions
What is the best PHP search string in pdf class?
Search string in PDF and return page number
Minimum dimensions of shipping box
Identify smallest possible dimensions of a box used for shipping
What is the best PHP scanned image to text converter class?
Extract scanned image to text file conversion code
Get all words in sentence
Some class to get all of words in sentence
Traffic simulation with Maps
Perform traffic simulation with Google Maps
Upload file to directory of my server with download link
How I can upload this file to my server with download link
PHP Class for Social login
Login using credentials from a social site such as Facebook
What is the best PHP currency symbol class?
Get currency symbol from currency code
PHP OAuth API for Etsy
Library to handle OAuth 1.0 API
Convert Microsoft Word doc, docx to PDF
I want to convert doc file to a PDF file
What is the best PHP users admin panel class?
Create an admin panel to manage user accounts
What is the best PHP docx class?
Not understanding how to style
Appointment setting and callback program
Log phone calls and set appointment dates and times for leads
What is the best PHP mysqli class?
recommend a mysqli class
What is the best PHP fingerprint matching class?
Match user fingerprint
What is the best PHP porter stemming class?
Good stemming algorithm
What is the best PHP arabic pdf class?
Generate PDF in Arabic
What is the best PHP api creation class?
i need to create api to be executed in multiple devices
What is the best PHP print current page class?
Print an active styled page
How to implement a reporting tool or library?
I need to implement a reporting tool or library
What is the best PHP class to create PDF table from SQL results
Create query results table in PDF
Convert Word document to PDF
How do I convert a Microsoft Word document to PDF
What is the best PHP docx to pdf class?
View DOCX or PPTX uploaded files in PDF format
What is the best PHP docx to pdf convert class?
Convert the docx or pptx files to pdf files
Import a file more of 60000 records in a MySQL database
I need to import dbf file or Excel file
What is the best PHP crud class?
How to create CRUD with PHP
Integrate wit ai API
PHP class to integrate wit ai API
Google API geocoder
Need to get lat/long and accuracy for address location
Upload images using AJAX
Trying to upload avatar file
What is the best PHP find images with similarities class?
Search uploaded images for similar images
What is the best PHP fedex rates class?
Get the rates from FedEx
CRUD MySQL and MySQL dump to SQL file
I need a class for connect to MySQL and dump SQL file
What is the best PHP real time chat class?
Chat similar to Google hangouts
What is the best PHP check system date class?
Check system date if is correct
Access file and get response from hosted domain to localhost
Send variable values from localhost to a PHP script in a domain
Searching for Web site to RSS solution
Convert HTML Web site into a feed
Fitbit Subscription API
Subscribing to Fitbit events and verify subscriber
What is the best PHP send email with gmail class?
Send email SMTP gmail
Pivot table
Convert SQL Query results to pivot table
How to login with Facebook?
Facebook login using OAuth 2.0
Pass data from PHP to android
Send data from PHP to android
Meta Symbol replacement in text
I need to take a piece of text and replace certain symbols in it
Best Package to Address SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
Upgrading security of existing MySQL code
What is the best PHP text spinner class?
Rewrite words to their synonyms
What is the best PHP text to speech class?
Convert text to speech
What is the best PHP text clustering class?
Cluster tags of text
Extract date, location and time from text
Parse a web page for date time and location
What is the best PHP tab based forms class?
Design a data entry form with tabs
Point of Sale software
I need a good package of point of sale software
Convert uploaded video to audio
Extract audio from video file
Decode PDF, ODT, Word, DOC, DOCX, RTF
Need a decoder for multiple formats
What is the best PHP session wrapper class?
I need PHP session class along with user management
What is the best PHP multithreading class?
How to implement threads in PHP
What is the best PHP excel read write class?
Parse and write Excel files
Upload any type of files
Check all the files based on the content
PHP code to identify uploaded file format
I need a code to identify the file format of uploaded file
Large file upload handler
Looking for class that will handle large file uploads
upload .txt file
I need code for upload .txt file
Upload multiple images path
I need to upload multiple images from one file tag in HTML
What is the best PHP detect browser and device class?
Detect browser and device details with platform
upload multiple files
I need script for upload multiple files and images
What is the best PHP mobile location finder class?
Find mobile user location
What is the best PHP sql server class?
Access Microsoft SQL server
Cron job using cpanel
Run cron job using cpanel
What is the best PHP sqlite synchronize with mysql class?
Synchronize a local sqlite with a MySQL server
What is the best PHP url crawler class?
Crawler to extract all metadata and URLs of Web site
What is the best PHP sqlite class?
Access SQLite database
Remarketing and retargeting system
Show advertising based the users Google search
What is the best PHP pdo user accounts class?
Manage user accounts
Call a function with a socket connection
How to call a PHP function using a socket connection
What is the best PHP pdf to html class?
Converting PDF files to a HTML file
What is the best PHP detect mobile class?
Detect Mobile Browser
SOAP client with Basic Authorization
Need a SOAP client that sends Basic Authorization header
Create file structure based on text string
Need to dynamically create a file system structure on the fly
What is the best PHP pdf to image class?
Turn PDF document into images
What is the best PHP read pdf file class?
Read PDF file upload than read in text in it.
How to create an image thumbnail during upload a pdf file.
During upload a pdf file how to create an thumbnail image
What is the best PHP thumbnail generation class?
Create thumbnails of different sizes
Calendar of events
Calendar of events to put on a Web page
PHP form to send SMS to users
PHP form to send SMS to users
Class to convert HTML into objects.
Class to convert HTML into objects, XML DOM style.
Extract PHP report
I need to generate a report in PHP
What is the best PHP convert pdf to html class?
I need to convert html content with tables to pdf

Featured Class Articles

1. Tutorial on Creating an AJAX based Chat system in PHP
AJAX driven simple chat
2. Smoothly Migrate your PHP Code using the Old MySQL extension to MySQLi
3. Creating an AJAX based PHP Shopping Cart Part 1: Building the Cart
Shopping Cart
4. Process incoming e-mail messages using PHP
POP3 e-mail client
5. How to Interact with PHP Web Site Users using SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram
PHP Telegram CLI Wrapper
6. Sending e-mail using SMTP servers of Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo with PHP
MIME E-mail message sending
7. The Fastest Ways to Deliver Email in PHP
MIME E-mail message sending
8. 4 Ways to Access an OAuth API Without User Interaction
9. PHP Tutorial on Web Page Screenshot Capture
PHP Ultimate Web Page Capture
10. Retrieving e-mail messages using PHP from Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo via POP3
POP3 e-mail client
11. Creating an AJAX based PHP Shopping Cart Part 2: Removing Items and Checkout
Shopping Cart
12. Fast PHP Mass Mailer Smart Optimizations
MIME E-mail message sending
13. Sending messages to many recipients via SMTP in PHP
SMTP E-mail sending class
14. Painless OAuth with PHP
15. How to fetch movie identifier/id from IMDB using PHP
16. Showing Google Maps with many markers in PHP
Forms generation and validation
17. PHP Source Code Protection Solutions
PHP Application Packer
18. Using Composer to Install JavaScript, CSS and Images Under the Web Document Directory
PHP Composer Asset Manager
19. 10 Steps to properly do PHP Bug Tracking and Fixing as Fast as possible
Log watcher
20. Sentiment Analysis in PHP Part 1: Introduction to the Problem and a Solution
PHP Sentiment Analyzer